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About Us

Desbro Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are part of the Desbro Group of Companies. Established in 1954, the group is privately owned and managed by Mr. Suman Sennik and his family. It is one of the largest and oldest distributors of Chemicals and Industrial raw materials in East Africa.

With its headquarters in Nairobi it serves industries in a large number of countries in the region. The company operates from the midst of the booming industrial area of Nairobi.

Desbro represents over 50 world-class manufacturers of chemicals and offers quality products. Industries served by the company include Paint, Inks, Plastics, Rubber, Leather, Cosmetics, Soaps/Detergents, Food, Sugar, Paper, Textile, Timber, Swimming Pools, Dry Cleaning/Laundry, Pharmaceuticals, Electroplating, Construction, Packaging and Water treatment.

Our extensive warehousing, trucking facilities together with over 600-700 different chemicals at any point of time help to provide a reliable source of chemicals to over 1000 odd customers in East Africa. The company offers products on ex-stock, ex-bond and on direct indent basis to suit the various customers' needs.

The company's business management and accounting procedures are fully computerized to provide efficient service to customers and all operating departments. In close co-ordination with manufacturers a technically qualified sales team constantly endeavors to deliver the best service to customers. A policy of swift/safe deliveries with full technical back up and competitive service have held the company in good stead.

Customers can bank on us since we are committed to them today and into future, as we possess the financial, technical and human resources to support our customer's endeavors.

Map of countries served by Desbro.

With offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, the Desbro Group of Companies services customers across the region, including Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi and Zambia.